Epic Road Trip – Day 0

Yes, you read right, Day 0. It is about 11:30pm and I am just finishing packing in preparation for the longest road trip of my life. Here is a short overview of what is to come:

Starting Point: Belmont, OH
Start Time: 2008-05-12 06:00 EDT
Ending Point:
San Jose, CA
End Time:
2008-05-17 16:00 PDT
Approximate Distance:
3,000+ miles
Number of Stops: Many*
Gallons of Gas: :-( **

*Many : A technical term to denote a large or possibly changing number.
** :-( This is also a technical term for very expensive…

Some points of note on the trip will include:

  • Colorado Springs / Garden of the Gods
  • Grand Canyon
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Las Vegas
  • more?

I will be posting a log every day or so with updates as well as pictures (if bandwidth allows) of the trip. Leave comments with any suggestions as to must see points of interest or just general thoughts on our progress.

(Now to get some sleep before we depart)



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  1. Thijs says:

    Suggestion: go see Amsterdam ;)

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