Kindle Books, without the Kindle…

As everyone is well aware, Amazon has one of the largest eBook libraries available for sale. The only caveat to this was that you had to purchase their $350 Kindle / Kindle 2 Reader before you could take advantage of these books. All that has changed now with the release of the iPod/iPhone app for Kindle books. Now you can register your iPod or iPhone with Amazon and purchase Kindle books for it. But there is more… You can also manage to extract the purchased books from the iPod / iPhone and take off the DRM so you can use your book on any of your other readers.


Trac – Part 2

In Part 1 I mentioned that I had recently selected Trac as my project management tool of choice. It is fairly feature complete for my needs and where a core feature is lacking, there is usually a plugin to facilitate it.

In this part I will describe how I setup this system. I had specific goals in mind so this may need to be adapted for your needs. Additionally I will briefly cover the Subversion setup that was required to make this work.