The night before “The Return to San Jose”

It is now 1:00am on June 1, 2009. I am about to go to sleep before getting up at 3:00am to embark once again on a journey across the country. The destination is once again San Jose, CA.

There are a few changes since the “Epic Road Trip” of 2008:

  • This time it is Dad, Mom, William (my brother for you strangers), and I
  • We will be taking a southern route instead of I-70
  • 2 weeks long instead of 1 week.
  • This trip will be titled “The Return to San Jose”

This trip we are also documenting things a little more. Three cameras will be traveling to capture the whole experience. We will be posting our notes and comments each day (or as close to each day as internet in some places may allow)

You can follow our progress in the following ways:

But for now, it is time for sleepĀ  and I shall post some more details on the start of the trip later today.


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