The Return to San Jose: Day 1

Just a few short hours after we went to sleep this morning, we awoke at 2:30 am to head out on our trip. We packed the cars and departed at 3:15 am.

Our first stop was to drop Mom off at the Columbus airport. She will be flying to Cleveland and then to Phoenix to meet up with Uncle John. We will meet up with them there on Day 3.

After Columbus, our first stop was in Nashville, TN. We ate lunch at Jack’s BBQ right next to the Ryman. We then walked next door for our tour of the historic Ryman Auditorium. We finished up our time in Nashville with a stop by the Hatch Show Print shop where they still use their hand operated presses to produce posters to this day.

We then proceeded another 214 miles to Memphis, TN. After unpacking at our Hotel we went out to Beale Street to listen to the music and have some dinner. We first stumbled upon Alfred’s restaurant where a man convinced us of its great food and equally impressive music. Unfortunately, when you walk into a place and it is completely empty, that is generally a bad sign. In this case, it was a bad sign as there was a lack of decent music and the food was terrible. (We saw the writing on the wall and only ordered an appetizer so that we could eat elsewhere)

We then headed up the street to Superiors Restaurant & Bar (where once again a man hailed us on the street to enter) However, this time the man (who we learned was the owner) said he had the best ribs on Beale Street and if we did not like them, he would buy them back from us and eat them all himself. Seeing that the man was thin, we determined that he had not had to buy back many meals. We ate and the food did end up to be excellent.

We rounded out the night, by heading over to an outdoor stage and listened to some live music. Also, as we were leaving, we saw a crew preparing to shoot a commercial for Domino’s Pizza. So keep an eye out for a commercial in the near future featuring Beale Street or BB King’s Restaurant.

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