The Return to San Jose: Day 6

Dad, being the super tourist that he is, insisted on a 4am wake up call for some sunrise shots of the canyon.  Along the morning rim trail, we met Carl form California and Susan from Hamburg, Germany here on a six week holiday.  The sun came out and rewarded the super tourist with some awe inspiring photos.  Nothing wrong with getting up early! Back to the lodge for a family breakfast.  It’s as if they knew we were coming.  Window side dining again.  How lucky can one family be!  We concluded our stay with some rim hiking to walk out points with amazing views.  Thank God for guard rails!!!

On to Bryce Canyon….a mere 2 1/2 hour drive.  All this beauty, in such close range of each other.  We arrive at Bryce Canyon about 3pm.  We check in at the lodge with no confrontations and again settle into another beautiful cabin on the rim.  Of course, being the Feisley’s we head out for a late afternoon hike on the Navajo trail.  The trail was only 1.3 miles round trip, but we descended nearly a thousand feet through the hoodoos.  It’s like being surrounded by hundreds of coral pink sand castles.  While not nearly as vast as the Grand Canyon, Bryce has a more intimate beauty that you can reach out and touch.  The day was beautiful and sunny with billowy whit clouds.  Picture taking was easy for sure.  Dining inside this evening was not even an option.  Way to beautiful to be inside, we purchased some sandwiches and snacks and dined on benches perched on the rim.  The ideal picnic! Sunset comes early out west, so it doesn’t take long to settle in for slumber.  So much beauty and fresh air make for deep sleep.  And don’t forget the Feisley 4am wake up call for sunrise photo ops.  See you tomorrow!!!

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