Windows 7: First Impressions


I am usually one of the first to try out the latest and greatest software, however, Windows 7 has seemed to be the exception. I have had little contact with it until recently. I missed out on the beta, and skipped the RC, and just recently was delivered a license through MSDN. After playing with the OS for only a week, I can say that this will most certainly be replacing Vista as my primary OS.


Broken LCD

My Samsung LCD of 5 years finally decided to call it quits. It didn’t so much quit as it began to flicker very quickly across the whole panel. Google indicated others seemed to have this problem and pointed to a pair of bad capacitors on the power supply. Time to tear it open…


Add a Little Privacy to Google Latitude

This title must sound very ironic given that the whole purpose of Google Latitude is to reduce privacy. I am not saying this is a bad thing, just that telling people where you are right now is less private than not telling them.

Recently, Google took the reduction of privacy a little further by allowing you to setup a web site badge for Latitude. Up until this point, you could only share your location with select friends, however, now you can share it with the whole world via your website, blog, etc. I do use this, so you can spy on my location if you wish.