Windows 7: First Impressions


I am usually one of the first to try out the latest and greatest software, however, Windows 7 has seemed to be the exception. I have had little contact with it until recently. I missed out on the beta, and skipped the RC, and just recently was delivered a license through MSDN. After playing with the OS for only a week, I can say that this will most certainly be replacing Vista as my primary OS.

I have been using Vista mainly for its 64-bit support which XP lacks. (Yes, I know there is XP 64, however, there are no drivers to speak of for it and thus it was mostly worthless to me) With the release of Windows 7 it seemed logical to continue the trend with the 64-bit edition of it as well.

Windows 7 is what Vista should have been. Performance is leaps and bounds ahead of Vista and the interface is much more polished. It features numerous new features and fixes many of the complaints and quirks that plagued Vista.

Here are just a few of my favorite things about Windows 7:

  1. Overall faster operating system
  2. Networking has been vastly improved (especially wireless)
  3. New taskbar
  4. UAC can be made less annoying
  5. For anyone that uses remote assistance to help friends, this version is worth checking out.
  6. Remote desktop enhancements

Overall this is a huge step forward over Vista and I recommend upgrading as soon as you can get your hands on a copy!


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