Hydra Preview

With the public announcement of Hydra EMS being announced any day now, I thought I would give those of you that have been following its development a sneak preview of the UI and some of the new features we have added recently.


Flex Builder 3

Flex Logo

Adobe Flex Builder 3 was finally released today following it’s successful 3rd beta release.

This release adds many new features including:

  • Improved Charting and Data visualization
  • Support for Adobe AIR
  • An Improved compiler with better linking support.
  • Caching of Flex Framework (Using RSLs)
  • And many more…

I just got my copy of Flex Builder 3 from Adobe and am impressed so far. The interface has undergone some renovations to improve productivity and allow for faster development and design. I have already found uses for many of these new features in many of my own projects, including Hydra. More details and samples in the coming weeks.

Flex: Word Tools

I created a small utility in Flex designed to assist RA’s and others at Purdue when designing bulletin boards. This utility takes a string and returns a breakdown of all the characters contained therein. How is this useful you ask? Well, when it comes time to cut out letters it is very nice to easily calculate that you need 5 letter E’s, 4 letter C’s etc. Source and application will eventually be posted to my projects site.

Here is the application example embedded in the site:

[flash medium=1 w=370 h=500]

Note: This requires Flash Player 9 to run properly.


PyAMF Logo

Back in January I discovered the PyAMF project. This project’s goal is to create an implementation of AMF (Action Message Format) for the Python Programming language. Last week they released version 0.1.0, their first stable release.

So far, I have been extremely impressed with this project. The library offers integration with popular Python web frameworks including Twisted, Django, and Pylons. The performance is excellent and will only improve as the team intends to annex their Python code, with C for faster serialization of requests. In addition to an excellent library, the developers have also provided a number of examples which attempt to cover every major area of the library. I have already begun using it in various projects including Hydra, which will be released this month.

Look for more info and updates on the PyAMF project in the coming weeks.