Merry Christmas 2009!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Windows 7: First Impressions


I am usually one of the first to try out the latest and greatest software, however, Windows 7 has seemed to be the exception. I have had little contact with it until recently. I missed out on the beta, and skipped the RC, and just recently was delivered a license through MSDN. After playing with the OS for only a week, I can say that this will most certainly be replacing Vista as my primary OS.


Yosemite, Part III & Arrival in San Jose

The final day in Yosemite, and the arrival in San Jose (more…)

Yosemite, Part II

The second day at Yosemite… (more…)

Yosemite, Part I

The first day at Yosemite National Park (more…)

Death Valley

Leaving Vegas, travels through Death Valley and more…


Route 66 and the Desert

Our trip continued along old Route 66 and through the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona.


Schools out… Forever!

I just finished my last final this afternoon, thus completing my four years at Purdue.

A quick summary of what I did here:

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minor: Psychology

Now to begin preparations for my move to California… More details to come…

Epic Road Trip – Day 6

Today we began our final leg of the journey to San Jose.


Miles Traveled Today: 550 (appx)
Total Trip Miles: Not Yet Calculated
Gallons of Gas: Not Yet Calculated



  • Gallery: Entering California

Epic Road Trip – Day 5

Today we took a break from traveling and explored Las Vegas. It is probably better just to show you what we saw rather than try to tell you. Onward to the galleries…


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