Thank You Kayako

I would like to thank Kayako for their generous open source license of SupportSuite for the Dtella project. We were running into trouble with users emailing one person for help and this will help having a larger group of people available to better support our new users.

I have used Kayako’s products commercially for years both at Dark Horse Networks and Hydra Labs, so it seems a excellent extension to our open source project as well.

Our new support desk is located at:

Thanks Kayako!

Free Time

If it seems like I have been MIA for the better part of 3 months and have been neglecting my site and other online projects, that would be correct. Recent projects at work have kept me very busy and I have had little time to tinker with my site and the various projects I usually work on.

Fortunately, I have a small break in the form of Christmas coming up. This will allow me to catch up on some much needed maintenance as well as possibly get into some new projects as well.

A list of potential areas to go into soon (to remind me when I forget) ((and in no particular order)):

  • Buildbot
  • Flickr
  • Projects at Work (the unclassified ones, of course)
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Kindle
  • Integration
  • Anything else?

Should be some interesting things coming soon…

Blackberry eScreen Keygen

As an avid BlackBerry user I always love to see what new things I can make it do.  One of the more interesting parts is the Engineering Screen or “eScreen” within the OS. However you need a special key to unlock it.

RIM has the keygen published on their website but you need a password to get to it (Perhaps it is for partners only?) You can see the site here:

Earlier this year a few websites published their own keygen to compute the unlock code. Much to my dismay, however, none of them decided to share exactly how they did this. With that, I decided to discover the unlock code myself and publish the results. (more…)

Broken LCD

My Samsung LCD of 5 years finally decided to call it quits. It didn’t so much quit as it began to flicker very quickly across the whole panel. Google indicated others seemed to have this problem and pointed to a pair of bad capacitors on the power supply. Time to tear it open…


Google Voice and Asterisk

Many months back Paul Marks and I looked into how to integrate Google Voice and Asterisk. Inbound calling was simple as you direct your Google Voice account to a Gizmo5 number and Asterisk integrates with the open SIP standard that Gizmo5 uses.

However, our task was to be able to make outbound calls without the need to use the web interface to place the call. What essentially had to happen is when you dialed a number on your SIP phone, Asterisk would have to talk to the Google Voice site and handle the call setup for you.


Kindle Books, without the Kindle…

As everyone is well aware, Amazon has one of the largest eBook libraries available for sale. The only caveat to this was that you had to purchase their $350 Kindle / Kindle 2 Reader before you could take advantage of these books. All that has changed now with the release of the iPod/iPhone app for Kindle books. Now you can register your iPod or iPhone with Amazon and purchase Kindle books for it. But there is more… You can also manage to extract the purchased books from the iPod / iPhone and take off the DRM so you can use your book on any of your other readers.


Trac – Part 2

In Part 1 I mentioned that I had recently selected Trac as my project management tool of choice. It is fairly feature complete for my needs and where a core feature is lacking, there is usually a plugin to facilitate it.

In this part I will describe how I setup this system. I had specific goals in mind so this may need to be adapted for your needs. Additionally I will briefly cover the Subversion setup that was required to make this work.


Wordpress Code Highlighting

With as many people blogging on Wordpress that wish to show code snippets I would have thought some better solutions for syntax highlighting would have been available by now. Unfortunately support is limited to only a handful of 3rd party modules each of which having their own limitations or issues that must be overcome.


Trac – Part 1


I recently decided to adopt Trac for my development for Hydra Labs, as well as for my personal and school projects. Trac is a Python powered development tool that includes a wiki, ticketing system, and source browser. Trac focuses on being very transparent and does not require a large process to begin using it. Additionally, it is extremely extendable using a vast array of plugins available from the Trac-Hacks site.

My environment required a few moderate customizations because I wanted to have global authentication so that once I create an account to login to one of my projects, it would be valid for all the other ones. Also I needed to integrate authentication and authorization for the Subversion repository as well.

In Part 2 of this article, I will describe the complete setup process I went through to get this installed and customized to the needs of my projects.

Site Updates (continued)

As I was in the coding mood from my changes last night to my website/blog, I took the next logical step and completely overhauled the entire theme. After heavily modifying a theme I think I have the general look I am wanting.

Some of the notable changes include:

  • Grouped categories into logical groups.
  • Better search with context provided along with titles.
  • New logo based on old site logo + favicon (with a touch of red)
  • A few other interesting features that I may take advantage of in the near future

Everything should be in place, if anyone notices some stray PHP code or CSS trying to escape, please let me know so I can put it in its place.

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