Trac – Part 2

In Part 1 I mentioned that I had recently selected Trac as my project management tool of choice. It is fairly feature complete for my needs and where a core feature is lacking, there is usually a plugin to facilitate it.

In this part I will describe how I setup this system. I had specific goals in mind so this may need to be adapted for your needs. Additionally I will briefly cover the Subversion setup that was required to make this work.


Trac – Part 1


I recently decided to adopt Trac for my development for Hydra Labs, as well as for my personal and school projects. Trac is a Python powered development tool that includes a wiki, ticketing system, and source browser. Trac focuses on being very transparent and does not require a large process to begin using it. Additionally, it is extremely extendable using a vast array of plugins available from the Trac-Hacks site.

My environment required a few moderate customizations because I wanted to have global authentication so that once I create an account to login to one of my projects, it would be valid for all the other ones. Also I needed to integrate authentication and authorization for the Subversion repository as well.

In Part 2 of this article, I will describe the complete setup process I went through to get this installed and customized to the needs of my projects.