Wordpress Code Highlighting

With as many people blogging on Wordpress that wish to show code snippets I would have thought some better solutions for syntax highlighting would have been available by now. Unfortunately support is limited to only a handful of 3rd party modules each of which having their own limitations or issues that must be overcome.


Site Updates (continued)

As I was in the coding mood from my changes last night to my website/blog, I took the next logical step and completely overhauled the entire theme. After heavily modifying a theme I think I have the general look I am wanting.

Some of the notable changes include:

  • Grouped categories into logical groups.
  • Better search with context provided along with titles.
  • New logo based on old site logo + favicon (with a touch of red)
  • A few other interesting features that I may take advantage of in the near future

Everything should be in place, if anyone notices some stray PHP code or CSS trying to escape, please let me know so I can put it in its place.

Site Updates

After what has been far too long, I finally took the time to convert my site to using WordPress for all content. Previously I had wanted to have custom PHP run the main site and use WordPress only for the blogging, however, time never seemed to allow me to finish the normal site.

Things still on my list of todo items:

  • Add some content to the About, Projects, and Contact pages
  • Fix the header to match for the fileserver
  • Clean up some of the CSS and other layout stuff

Wordpress 2.5

Wordpress Logo

Wordpress has been gearing up for their much anticipated 2.5 release. As such I though it only fitting that I upgrade to one of the latest test releases. I installed 2.5 RC 2 and have been nothing but impressed so far. The admin interface is the largest visual overhaul. It is much more streamlined and now offers many new features.

My favorite new addition is the new media management interface. This makes it almost trivial to upload and manage images and other content. This will certainly be useful in the future. Another great aspect to the media manager is the gallery feature, which allows the rapid creation of photo galleries on a given article.

Looking foward to the final release, but at this point the RC 2 seems very stable.