The Python Programming Language has always held a near and dear place in my heart. It was one of the first languages I learned (right after C) and I have developed most of my applications for my companies with it as well. I also work on several Python based open source projects including PyAMF, RTMPy, Dtella, and pyGoogleVoice.

I have assembled a large Python Repository that contains modules, installers, and related python tools I have used for development. I will highlight some modules of interest below.

Featured Modules

These are modules that I have used in a project and have found to be so exceptional that it is worth mentioning here so that you too might find it useful in a future project.

Twisted –

The swiss army knife of Python networking frameworks. Although the learning curve is a little steep and you really have to develop your app the “Twisted way” it is well worth checking out if your application has anything to do with accessing network resources (or serving them)

I have used it to build web servers, instant messaging servers and clients, IRC servers and bots, and more.