Cisco Choice Choices

As I mentioned before in a post not so long ago, I was accepted into Cisco’s  Choice Program for an internship this summer in San Jose, CA. In this program I actually get to choose what department I want to work for during the summer. In order for them to place me into a department, I was asked to pick my top 3 departments:

1. ETG – Emerging Technology Group
Creates solutions in new and adjacent markets built around advanced video, voice, and data communications.

2. CDO Ops
Enhance productivity and operating efficiency in the CDO organization, improve hardware and software quality across Cisco products and systems

3. NMTG – Network Management Technology Group
Implements network management solutions capability for Cisco products and supporting key Cisco markets.

I am hoping for Emerging Technology as it sounds like they work with a diverse range of technologies and are always on the bleeding edge of development and technology.

Yay! Cisco

Cisco Logo

Today I was offered an internship for the summer at Cisco!

I will be in San Jose, CA for the summer at the main Cisco campus. Since i am in the Cisco Choice program, when it gets closer to the summer I will be choosing business unit interests me and hopefully be placed into that. I am currently leaning toward wireless or software engineering, but of course that could change as it gets closer to summer.