Epic Road Trip – Day 2

Day 2 of our trip took us through all of Kansas and into Colorado. The two words that best describe Kansas: VAST and FLAT. We took some pictures to try and capture this, but nothing quite does it justice. To top it all off, many parts of Kansas lacked any form of cellular data network. That meant my Blackberry was rendered useless for anything email or internet related.


Miles Traveled Today: 570.2
Total Trip Miles: 1246
Gallons of Gas: Not Yet Calculated

Today’s Map:

The pictures for today pretty much sum up our experience in the flat, barren, vast, open, boring, (did i mention flat) area that is Kansas and eastern Colorado…


We’re not in Kansas anymore!

We just crosses the boarder into Colorado and shouted: “We’re not in Kansas anymore!”

To quote David:

“We’re not in Kansas anymore!” – that is a universally positive statement.

Onward now to Boulder, CO!