Thank You Kayako

I would like to thank Kayako for their generous open source license of SupportSuite for the Dtella project. We were running into trouble with users emailing one person for help and this will help having a larger group of people available to better support our new users.

I have used Kayako’s products commercially for years both at Dark Horse Networks and Hydra Labs, so it seems a excellent extension to our open source project as well.

Our new support desk is located at:

Thanks Kayako!

Flex: Word Tools

I created a small utility in Flex designed to assist RA’s and others at Purdue when designing bulletin boards. This utility takes a string and returns a breakdown of all the characters contained therein. How is this useful you ask? Well, when it comes time to cut out letters it is very nice to easily calculate that you need 5 letter E’s, 4 letter C’s etc. Source and application will eventually be posted to my projects site.

Here is the application example embedded in the site:

[flash medium=1 w=370 h=500]

Note: This requires Flash Player 9 to run properly.