Schools out… Forever!

I just finished my last final this afternoon, thus completing my four years at Purdue.

A quick summary of what I did here:

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minor: Psychology

Now to begin preparations for my move to California… More details to come…

Gallery: Monterey

We visited Monterey and the famous “17 Mile Drive”


Epic Road Trip – Day 2

Day 2 of our trip took us through all of Kansas and into Colorado. The two words that best describe Kansas: VAST and FLAT. We took some pictures to try and capture this, but nothing quite does it justice. To top it all off, many parts of Kansas lacked any form of cellular data network. That meant my Blackberry was rendered useless for anything email or internet related.


Miles Traveled Today: 570.2
Total Trip Miles: 1246
Gallons of Gas: Not Yet Calculated

Today’s Map:

The pictures for today pretty much sum up our experience in the flat, barren, vast, open, boring, (did i mention flat) area that is Kansas and eastern Colorado…


Epic Road Trip – Day 1

Day one of the epic road trip draws to a close! Todays trip began in Cincinnati, OH and ended in Topeka, KS. Along the way we stopped in St. Louis to visit the Gateway Arch. As you will see from the photos below, the ride to the top of the arch is in these tiny pods that accomodate up to 5 (small) people. You begin underground, under the center of the arch, and ride on a track all the way to the top. Once you exit the pod you are on a 30-40 foot long walk way with windows on either side where you can look east to the Mississippi or west to downtown St. Louis.

Miles Traveled Today: 675.8
Total Trip Miles: 675.8
Gallons of Gas: Not Yet Calculated

Today’s Map:

Read on for today’s photo gallery…


Cisco Choice Choices

As I mentioned before in a post not so long ago, I was accepted into Cisco’s  Choice Program for an internship this summer in San Jose, CA. In this program I actually get to choose what department I want to work for during the summer. In order for them to place me into a department, I was asked to pick my top 3 departments:

1. ETG – Emerging Technology Group
Creates solutions in new and adjacent markets built around advanced video, voice, and data communications.

2. CDO Ops
Enhance productivity and operating efficiency in the CDO organization, improve hardware and software quality across Cisco products and systems

3. NMTG – Network Management Technology Group
Implements network management solutions capability for Cisco products and supporting key Cisco markets.

I am hoping for Emerging Technology as it sounds like they work with a diverse range of technologies and are always on the bleeding edge of development and technology.